What Does Aftermarket Mean?

There are a lot of questions pertaining to the meaning of the word 'aftermarket' and what it all means. In this guide, we will focus on the definition of automotive aftermarket in general and more specifically, on aftermarket parts.

In the automotive industry, aftermarket refers to the secondary market where additions, installations and upgrades of accessories that do not come or performed by the original manufacturer. It refers to the market of trades that take place after the dealing between the manufacturer and car owner. According to Wikipedia, the aftermarket parts industry is a lucrative industry, estimated to be at US$257 million in the United States of America and approximately $16.7 billion in Canada as of August 2010.

Aftermarket Parts

The aftermarket parts industry covers many areas including collision repair due to accidents, replacement and performance. With the lucrative market, it is possible to come across almost all parts and tools for the majority of car makes and models on the road. The increasing number of vehicles on the road has also caused an increase in the aftermarket parts industry and with that, an increase in the number of choices and outlets for aftermarket merchandise.

As a car owner and consumer, having knowledge in the aftermarket parts manufacturer, retailers and installers can come in handy in many circumstances. An example of this would involve the upgrading on performance and audio video equipment after the initial purchase from the manufacturer. It can involve engine upgrades, tires, amplifiers, speakers, boosters or small gadgets such as GPS-systems. Consumers are also known to have the option to install these aftermarket parts on their own after purchasing from a handful of retailers.

Depending on the geographical location of consumers, a quick look around the local directories and conventional brick-and-mortar automotive aftermarket part manufacturers, retailers or installers will give a good indication of the varying quality and prices of the parts and tools involved. The Internet is also another good and viable source for aftermarket parts with very competitive prices.

A little research goes a long way when it comes to finding information on the automotive aftermarket industry. Both conventional retail stores and the Internet will have useful information, as well as aftermarket parts of varying qualities and price ranges.